What Is An Expandable Hose?

There are a thousand reasons you need a good garden hose around the house: watering plants, washing the car, cleaning the patio or deck, washing windows. The list goes on and on. But if you spend any time in the garden or around the house using a hose, you already know how much hassle hoses can be. They kink, they tangle, they are heavy and hard to move around, and they are hard to coil-up when you are done with the work. The solution to these problems comes in the form of expandable hoses. These innovative products roll themselves up, self-drain water when you are done using them, and weigh significantly less than a tradition garden hose.

How Expandable Hoses Work

Expandable hoses are an innovative new technology, creating an alternative to the traditional rubber or vinyl garden hose. Expandable hoses are made with a double layer of tubing. The tough outer layer protects the pliable inner layer, which expands like a balloon to 3 times its unfilled size when filled with water. Expandable hoses have been on the market for about 10 years, and during this time the materials and technology have improved substantially, making these hoses increasingly versatile, long-lasting, and easy to use.

Different Types of Expandable Hoses

There is more than one type of expandable hose, and the differences are in the materials used for the hose itself and the fittings at each end.

Outer Material
The expanding outer material in these hoses ranges from a density of 600D to 5000D, and the thinner materials just aren’t strong enough to prevent the hose from tearing under many conditions. Today, expandable hoses with a density of 5000D are tougher than ever. The expanding material in these newer, tougher hoses has almost 10 times the density of older and lower-quality designs, and this results in a hose which lasts many times longer.

Inner Tubing
The inner latex tubing is also extremely important, as this is what holds the water. Some hoses use a single tube, which is more likely to spring a leak under certain conditions. A double-latex tube is twice as strong and the standard for a longer lasting hose.

Another important feature in the materials used in expandable hoses is the fittings. Some hoses use plastic fittings for attaching the hose to a faucet at one end and a spray nozzle at the other. However, brass fittings are much stronger and more reliable. Brass fittings are much less likely to crack or break, and they don’t bind with the material on the faucet, making it easier to hook them up and unhook them from the water source.

Advantages of an Expandable Hose

Lightweight and Portable

Traditional garden hoses are also heavy. Often, you want to move a hose from one location to another around the yard while watering plants, washing down the patio, or cleaning the windows or siding on your house. The weight of a traditional garden hose – especially a long one full of water – makes moving the hose almost as much of a job as the task itself. Expandable hoses are made with extra-lightweight materials, weighing in at only one fifth as much as their traditional counterpart. This decrease in weight makes it faster, easier, and less tiring to water the garden and clean-up outside the house.

Never Tangles or Kinks

Everyone who has ever used a traditional garden hose knows they get tangled and kinked as you stretch them out. This adds time and effort to the task at hand because you have to go back along the hose and unravel the problem spots before you can get to work. Expandable hoses combine innovative materials and technology to produce a hose free from the headaches of kinking and tangling. In fact, it is almost impossible to get this hose to kink or tangle when the water is on. Without any knots or kinks, an expandable garden hose keeps on delivering full and even water pressure as you move around using it.

Self-Coiling & Self Draining

When you are done watering or cleaning with a traditional hose, your work is not yet over. This is because a traditional hose must be manually rolled up or coiled for storage. If you want a traditional hose to drain, you have to stretch it out on a slope and wait for the water to flow out.
Expandable hoses do this work for you. As soon as you turn off the water and open the valve, the hose drains itself and automatically coils up and out of the way, leaving you free to move on to something else.

Easy to Store

Regular garden hoses are bulky and take up a lot of room when not in use. Expandable hoses expand when you fill them with water and contract into an easy-to-store size when you turn them off, making them far more space-saving than other types of garden hoses.  

Getting the Most from an Expandable Hose

Just like any new product you buy for your home, there is a small learning curve you need to go through in order to get the most from a new expandable hose. It is important to read and follow the instructions for the first-time use of a new, expandable hose. The new hose must be filled with water and drained several times in order to break it in for use. While our expandable hoses are tough and durable, yours will last longer if you store it in a place out of direct sun and protected from freezing conditions. The same is true for traditional hoses. Expandable hoses also last longer if you turn off the water source when you are done using the hose and allow it to self-drain, which is also the case for a traditional garden hose. Hanging the hose on a hose hanger and keeping it up off of the ground when not in use also adds to the life-span of the hose. Finally, you will get the most use out of an expandable hose if you buy a good-quality one made with a material density of 5000D and with brass fittings.

Buying an Expandable Hose

All of our AQUATUFF Expandable Hoses are made with 5000D premium-quality polyester outer material, as well as double-layer latex inner tubing and brass fittings. When you buy an expandable garden hose from us, we send it to you with 100% free shipping. Your new hose will arrive in two to three days via USPS Priority mail. All of our hoses come with a Money Back Guarantee. If you receive your hose and you don't like it for any reason within 30 days, simply send it back and we'll refund your money. We also offer prompt customer service. If you have any questions or problems with your new expandable garden hose, just give us a call or contact us by online chat and we will help you out right away. When you buy your expandable garden hose, choose one of the correct lengths for its intended use. Our expandable hoses come in lengths of 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, and 100 feet and range in price from about $25 dollars to $40 dollars. You won’t find a better expandable garden hose of this quality for a better price.