AQUATUFF Expandable Garden Hose

AQUATUFF Expandable Garden Hose
AQUATUFF Expandable Garden Hose
AQUATUFF Expandable Garden Hose
AQUATUFF Expandable Garden Hose
AQUATUFF Expandable Garden Hose
AQUATUFF Expandable Garden Hose


AQUATUFF Expandable Garden Hose


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MAKE IT A 2-PACK - $29.99 Save $15.00 (20%)
MAKE IT A 2-PACK - $29.99 Save $15.00 (20%)
MAKE IT A 2-PACK - $29.99 Save $15.00 (20%)

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Expands 3x Its Size

Our AQUATUFF Expandable Garden Hose quickly expands to 3 times it's original size in seconds once you turn the water on.

Light & Portable

A 100 foot traditional rubber garden hose weighs 35 pounds, while all our hoses weigh less than 5 pounds.

Never Gets Tangled

Traditional garden hoses get tangled and kinked as you use them. Our hose won't kink, and instantly untangles when you turn the water on.

Self-Drains & Coils

A traditional hose must be manually rolled up or coiled for storage - and draining is a pain. Our hose does this work for you!

Easy to Store

Regular garden hoses are bulky and take up a lot of room when not in use. Our hose contracts into an easy-to-store size when turned off.

The AquaTuff expandable garden hose represents a leap forward in durability versus most expandable hoses.  Constructed to last, we use a 5000D polyester outer casing and a double inside layer.  This gives you a hose that will last.  Solid brass fittings on both ends make for great connections.  In sum, you will have a hose that will not kink, is extremely light-weight versus a traditional hose, and is built to last.

      AQUATUFF: The Stronger, More Durable Expandable Hose

      Solid Brass Fittings Don’t Crack 

      Our top concern is quality. For this reason, we only use solid brass fittings on all our hoses. These fittings won’t crack like plastic fittings do, giving you years of use from your purchase. 

      Extra-Strong Outer Layer Won’t Tear 

      Many competitive brands of expandable hose use a thin, nylon outer casing with a seam that is prone to tearing. We use the thickest, 5000D polyester outer casing with no seam for maximum strength protection of the expandable tubing inside. 

      Double Inner Layer Expands
      & Contracts Without Breaking

      The expandable inner tubing in our hoses is actually a double layer of the thickest, highest-quality latex available for expandable hoses, guaranteeing you years of problem-free service from your new hose. 

      Expands 3x Its Original Size

      Size Guide

         Hose  Original SizeExpanded SizeWeight
      25 FT8.2 ft25 ft1.5 lbs
      50 FT16.4 ft50 ft2.3 lbs
      75 FT24.6 ft75 ft3.3 lbs
      100 FT32.8 ft100 ft4.3 lbs

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      Sheila O.
      United States

      Watering in the summer!

      I prefer this hose way, way more than the traditional rubber hoses. If you're wondering why, here's why. The backyard is where our faucet is located, so whenever I need to water my plants in the front yard I always have to walk a long distance and pull around a hose. Whenever I watered with my previous hose, it would ALWAYS get kinked. But with this super lightweight hose, I have experienced ZERO kinks. The spray nozzle of this hose is a great addition because it's easy to turn on/off while watering the plants, and the brass fittings are very impressive. Also, the hose shrinks back up smoothly to a compact size when the water is turned off, making it easy to carry around the yard after using. Overall, this hose has a very excellent quality. I plan on using it a lot this summer.

      Mary T.
      United States

      I really like this hose

      I really like this hose. Due to its compact nature, I can easily store it inside a 5-gallon bucket, making it very manageable to have more than one of this kind of hose. When watering my plants, I simply just bring the hose to the hose bib I'm looking to use, attach it, turn the water on, and watch in amazement as it grows to its full length. Whenever finished with my watering duties, I just turn the water off and wait as it shrinks back up to a compact shape, and then I pick it up and put it inside the bucket. Also, this hose appears to be very sturdy, but I can't really be sure about that until I've used it for a few more times. I will update this review once there are any developments.

      United States

      Long, lightweight hose with zero kinks!

      After a month of effortless watering that didn't require me to drag around my back-breaking, heavy-duty hose from the back of the house to the front yard, I really do wish that I had found this hose earlier! Thanks to this lightweight hose, my arthritic hands, wrists and back are all free from pain and abuse. What's even better about this hose is that it doesn't get tangled or kink due to its silky smooth movements. But despite that, it still delivers a good amount of water pressure. With my old hose, I used to need a long wand just so I could use it properly. But with this hose, it comes with a nice nozzle that makes watering much easier. Other than that, it also has a lever that you can use to adjust the flow as well as an extra shut-off valve that won�t require you to run back to the faucet just to turn it off. Lastly, this hose�s flexible and compact nature makes it easy to store for the winter.

      Kylee W.
      United States

      Zero leaks or issues. I love this hose!

      This product is excellent. Even though I have only used it for one summer, I certainly appreciate how it's so light and easy to use.

      Jennifer F.
      United States

      Finest hose so far

      I have always hated using the traditional rubber hoses, even though I've used them for my entire life, because they are cumbersome, prone to tangling, and hard to move around with. When I finally got tired of using them, I decided to buy the FitLife expandable hose that expands up to 75 feet and is super lightweight. I chose the aquatuff hose because it seems like the perfect alternative to the traditional hose. So far, I have used this hose for only a total of 4 times, but I could clearly say that I am amazed with this product due to the fact that it does exactly what's advertised. This hose is the best because it is super easy to use and can smoothly expand up to 75 feet, making it very easy for me to navigate my landscape without damaging any flowers and plants. At first I was worried about the water pressure since the inside of the hose appears to be smaller than the traditional ones, but then I tested it and realized that it wasn't that much of a problem when it comes to watering plants and washing the car and windows. Another thing that I like about this hose is that it doesn't kink at all. I have never experienced any kinks in the multiple times I have used it. Lastly, the seller shipped out the hose on time and sent a follow up email to ask if I received the product on time. I was impressied with the seller's customer service. Best hose and great seller!


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