AQUATUFF Expandable Garden Hose

AQUATUFF Expandable Garden Hose
AQUATUFF Expandable Garden Hose
AQUATUFF Expandable Garden Hose
AQUATUFF Expandable Garden Hose
AQUATUFF Expandable Garden Hose
AQUATUFF Expandable Garden Hose


AQUATUFF Expandable Garden Hose


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MAKE IT A 2-PACK - $29.99 Save $10.00 (20%)
MAKE IT A 2-PACK - $29.99 Save $10.00 (20%)
MAKE IT A 2-PACK - $29.99 Save $10.00 (20%)

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Expands 3x Its Size

Our AQUATUFF Expandable Garden Hose quickly expands to 3 times it's original size in seconds once you turn the water on.

Light & Portable

A 100 foot traditional rubber garden hose weighs 35 pounds, while all our hoses weigh less than 5 pounds.

Never Gets Tangled

Traditional garden hoses get tangled and kinked as you use them. Our hose won't kink, and instantly untangles when you turn the water on.

Self-Drains & Coils

A traditional hose must be manually rolled up or coiled for storage - and draining is a pain. Our hose does this work for you!

Easy to Store

Regular garden hoses are bulky and take up a lot of room when not in use. Our hose contracts into an easy-to-store size when turned off.

      AQUATUFF: The Stronger, More Durable Expandable Hose

      Solid Brass Fittings Don’t Crack 

      Our top concern is quality. For this reason, we only use solid brass fittings on all our hoses. These fittings won’t crack like plastic fittings do, giving you years of use from your purchase. 

      Extra-Strong Outer Layer Won’t Tear 

      Many competitive brands of expandable hose use a thin, nylon outer casing with a seam that is prone to tearing. We use the thickest, 5000D polyester outer casing with no seam for maximum strength protection of the expandable tubing inside. 

      Double Inner Layer Expands
      & Contracts Without Breaking

      The expandable inner tubing in our hoses is actually a double layer of the thickest, highest-quality latex available for expandable hoses, guaranteeing you years of problem-free service from your new hose. 

      Expands 3x Its Original Size

      Size Guide

         Hose  Original SizeExpanded SizeWeight
      25 FT8.2 ft25 ft1.5 lbs
      50 FT16.4 ft50 ft2.3 lbs
      75 FT24.6 ft75 ft3.3 lbs
      100 FT32.8 ft100 ft4.3 lbs

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      United States

      This hose really does work like a charm!!!

      At first I thought that expandable hoses were too gimmicky and won't work properly, but I realized that I was wrong when I got to try them out for myself. Why did I try them out in the first place? Well, it all started when my neighbor suggested that I get one of these expandable hoses because according to him, they "work like a charm". So, I searched the internet, stumbled upon this hose and ordered it. On the day it arrived, I hooked everything up and... wait for it... the hose expanded! WOW!!!

      John D.
      United States


      I have always been interested in buying an expandable hose, but it just didn't seem to be as durable as a traditional rubber hose. However, after doing a little bit of research, I stumbled upon this hose online. When I saw that it has a lot of positive comments and reviews, I decided to buy one and try it out myself! So far, this hose seems very sturdy and is super lightweight and easy to move around with. It also only takes up a little amount of space despite being 50 feet long! What's even better is that it DOESN'T KINK like what traditional rubber hoses always do! I just hope that it can hold up for a long time.

      Nancy K.
      United States

      astounding hose!

      My previous hose was a heavy 100-foot hose, so I looked for a durable and lightweight hose to replace it. After searching for hoses both online and in local stores, I decided to buy the aquatuff hose. I have used this hose on multiple occasions already, and it has been a great hose for me so far. It appears to be very durable whenever I drag it across the lawn, and it's easy to maneuver due to its light weight. It also occupies very little space on my storage area. At first it seemed impossible that this hose could expand up to 100 feet, but it actually did! I am very astounded with this product, and I hope that it holds up for many years. I would highly recommend this fantastic hose to everyone.

      tony w
      United States

      Great Quality 50' Garden Hose

      My wife and I have been looking for an expandable hose that we can use to wash our trailer, so I decided to search the internet and I found the Aquatuff hose. It seems very durable because it's made of copper materials. Also, it's pretty lightweight for a hose that can extend up to 50 feet. Apart from using this hose for washing our trailer, we also used it once for pumping water out of our flooded basement. This hose's ability to cope with different situations makes me glad that I bought it.

      United States

      not too shabby

      Previously I bought an expandable hose (different brand) that worked like crap, leaked faster than a runny nose, and didn't expand and contract properly. This hose is miles better than the previous one I bought because it has the capability to expand all the way to my car and then coils back up smoothly into a compact shape. Anyway, I love this hose. It's just so super awesome. Lastly, I cannot believe I'm going to say this but this product has got to be the coolest hose of all time. Yes, I just said that.


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